MSU-UWT media project
This is a joint international project of students and teachers from Moscow State University and University of Washington Tacoma
By Monica Casey and Ekaterina Palashina
The Journalist and an exchange between Moscow State University Department of Journalism and the University of Washington Tacoma have been opening student's eyes to the wonders of international journalism for 14 years now.

Through this program, journalism students may either travel to Tacoma, Washington or to Moscow, Russia. Students from both countries cooperate all week and the weeks prior to produce a news journal.

This year, we veered from the traditional print format and decided to put together a multimedia publication designed to be an online experience rather than just a story. We were all excited to participate in the project and study this new trend in the media environment.

An essential part of our project is not only a professional, but also a cultural exchange.
Students work together during the day writing, editing, interviewing, editing, compiling, editing, and more editing. When the daily grind is over, they explore their week-long homes and make life-long bonds with their international comrades.

The Journalist gives us a chance for real-world experience at our chosen profession. Not only is this project a great taste of fast-paced, deadline-based journalism, but we also get to travel the world, make international connections, and expand not only our writing experience but our communication skills and cultural experience as well.

Without are incredible mentors from UWT and MSU continuously helping and encouraging us, this amazing exchange would not be possible.

Cheers to another successful year of The Journalist!

Monica Casey
Ekaterina Palashina
Justin Lawrence
Donna Kopmar
Justin Lawrence
Nina Golovleva
Alexandr Privezentsev
Monica Casey
Ekaterina Palashina
Maria Antonova
Marina Bocharova
Yulia Shamsutdinova
Ekaterina Vinokurshina
Anna Fedorova
Ilya Goncharov
Regina Velieva
Sona De Apro
Chris Demaske
Maria Lukina
Diana Kulchitskaya
Daria Sokolova
MOSCOW, 2017
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